Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Darla - Julie Benz

I should really know better. Getting a likeness of a really pretty person is just HELL! You need to find the teeniest tiniest things and amplify them , just to have something to hold on to. As a result this comes over more as a charicature than a strict portrait.

The strength of Angel as a series was that Angel ( David Boreanaz ) was content to act as a straightman/foil for showier actors/characters. One of the strongest of those was the Vampire Darla ( Julie Benz) who made a big impression on me at an impressionable age ( 35 ). She had the best death scene EVER ( not the first time, the second one ) where she staked herself in order to give birth to her baby. What a way to go!

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  1. When I saw Dexter I made no connection to her ever being on Angel!

    She was a vampire in the very first episode of Buffy!

    Yeah you went a little Mad Magazine with this one!

  2. She was the first character to appear ever on Buffy, but she was so good they just kept bringing her back.