Thursday, 28 April 2011

Doctor Who

Yes, we've done this in the past, but Natalie wanted to celebrate
the new season starting and all the positive reviews and geeky
love for it etc etc...

Also, I did a few IDW "Who" comics which are on sale now!
The Weeping Angels are not in my comic, but who wouldn't want to draw
the creepiest beings in the "Who-verse?" Statues that can only move
when you're NOT looking at them.


  1. Or how about creatures that live in dark corners that you never see , but will EAT you. Or creatures that if you turn away from them you forget you saw them at all.
    I think my drawing is going to be of Steven Moffat being completely freaked out by stuff he can't see.
    Good know if you change the drawing a few times throughout the day you could freak a lot of people out.

  2. Is this an actual Dr Who thing, or a Tim's ongoing psychosis thing.