Friday, 15 April 2011

Leonardo REBORN

Apparently it's the birthday of Leonardo DaVinci today. This is all very interesting , but what is MORE interesting s the fact that his living and breathing REINCARNATION walks among us today! Yes, it's TRUE! Born in late April 1966 ( Scholars disagree on the exact date ) Tim Hamilton was destined for greatness at a very early age. As we can see in this, his first surviving self-portrait, drawn at the age of merely 3 years old, Tim had already developed the fine manly physique that he has become justly famous throughout Christendom. While in pre-school Hamilton re-invented the whole medium of comics which his first ever work entitled 'The Trouble With Girls'. He then went on to reinvent Saturday Morning Cartoons, daytime current affairs television and Cinema, but forgot to write any of it down so this epiphany is now lost to the ages. Academics and Historians across the world began to take note. Tim's words have aquired such import and potentially world-shattering significance that he is now obliged to sit in near monastic silence every day for fear of so destabilising the status-quo that society itself will rupture and collapse in on itself. He still feels guilty about inventing the Internet and thusly distracting so many otherwise productive people from their work. So much so that he modestly tried to pass the buck to other, lesser, minds. For proof of his genius we need look no further than this link...BEHOLD


  1. Thank you for the nice portrait.
    I did have long hair like that when I was three. It was all the rage back then!

  2. Tim, remember how yesterday Simon drew that picture of you with a George O'Connor fan club mug? That was pretty scary, right? I bet you Simon's mug of you puts that to shame.

  3. No, it was sad because my George O mug broke! Don't you read my twitter everyday when you get up???

    You don't????


  4. You're RIGHT. My mug has a picture of Sarah Palin on it! Pretty AND scary at the same time.

    Also it has come to my attention that you have omitted to pay this years membership dues to 'The George O'Connor Fan Club". Now that your Mother's membership has lapsed ( 4 years ago ) unless you remit the appropriate funds forthwith , the Club will need to close down due to lack of any form of revenue. We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.