Thursday, 21 April 2011

Old Bones: Three horn face

Things were a mite bit slow on the bridge yesterday-- that was because, like, 90% of our regularly contributing members were on our dino drawing field trip. Simon, Tim, Becky, Robin and I made the trek to the Museum of Natural History to check out their new Sauropod exhibit (along with, like Tim mentioned, pretty much every family in NYC with a kid under 8 years old). The Sauropod exhibit was pretty cool, but it can't hold a candle to the permanent fossil collection, and we all made many cool drawings.

For me the king of dinos is the Triceratops, so much so that when everyone else left, I stayed behind to draw this study of one's skull. So cool.

If I had a Triceratops... you'd all pay.

Check out a bunch more sketches of old bones here at my own blog.

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  1. You mean when we all left you behind you sat and drew Tri with tears in your eyes.

    Well done skull as always.
    Thanks for organizing the trip!

    So far you've all got me fooled pretty good! NOT!

  2. Fooled? What does the ancient one mean?

  3. He must be senile.

    Or dementia from eating all them rocks.