Monday, 4 April 2011

T-Mobile - G1

This is my T-Mobile G1 ( also known as the HTC Dream ) it has been in my left trouser pocket for the last 2 years. In a couple of weeks I'm planning to retire it and get a new, smarter phone. It still works pretty well, though it's corners have taken a few knocks, the Delete key needs a very firm push to make it work and the battery only just makes it through the day. All in all pretty good considering that it's been everywhere with me and in nearly constant use.
It's product cycle ended almost a year ago, so it only has Android 1.6 on it. Most of the modern Apps  need Android 2.0 to run correctly. It struggles ( with an ARM11 with 192Mb RAM) to keep up with most of it's functions, which is surprising considering that it's probably the 4th or 5th fastest computer I've ever owned. My first Dante covers were done on a machine that was a remote ancestor of this thing ( Acorn RiscPC with an Arm2 CPU with 120Mb of RAM , which I still own but is going in the recycling this year)
I don't generally get sentimental about machinery and I am more than aware of the various failings of this phone, but this has been a very good piece of kit.


  1. You draw lots of sexy women on this blog but this post shows us that your one true love is technology!

  2. Technology responds well to rebooting, sexy women...not so much

  3. PAHAHAHA! You should consider devoting a blog completely to drawing electronic gadgets. You can tell you love this thing.

  4. If you really loved it, you would have put in all the characters on the keypad.