Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Happy Birthday Lee Meriwether ( a month early )

Loved the sparkly catsuit and the heels!


  1. Seriously? It's not her birthday for another month? Who's with me that we not allow Tim "I'm unstuck in time and space" Hamilton to pick any more topics, at least not until they've been thoroughly vetted by a non-messed-up-on-ook-sauce memeber of Drawbridge?

    Nice drawing, btw, Catwoman visits NYC.

  2. Nice work with the material on the outfit

  3. Natalie is the gate keeper this week. This was her test. Natalie fail...

    Yes, you captured her suit. I made it leather because cows need a purpose.

  4. I think Steak is purpose enough Tim. Also stop blaming Natalie for your screwups or we'll end up with topics like 'Long Island' or 'Diapers'.