Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's theme: GODESSS

Thus, I take this opportunity to pay tribute to
Elizabeth Sladen who passed away yesterday.

Yes, she was a Godess.

She was THE Doctor Who companion of my youth,
and probably one of the most loved companions ever.

I Hope she has a sense of humor where ever she is. I seem
to remember her saying once how much she hated this full on 1970's
train wreck on an outfit, but it's how I often remember her. It's
what she wore in her last episode as a regular cast member.

At 63 she was way too young to go.


  1. It took me a while to see the Dr. Who silhouette in the background. Now that I do it's my favorite part.

  2. I just realised now that I look at your drawing that I used the same reff photo as you, entirely subconsciously. She was a very pretty woman and there are a lot of photos of her looking pretty, but less with any of her trademark facial expressions. This was the best one I could find too.