Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Day at the Museum - Dem Bones

So as George has informed you all, we spent much of yesterday at the American Natural History Museum. Which is a wonderful place, full of wonders and MANY people too. Nevertheless we drew many fine sets of bones.
We started off in the prehistoric Mammals, this is as Gomphoterium, an ancestor of the modern Elephant.
Then I drew an ancient ground dwelling Sloth named after George Cuvier.
Then there was an amazing predator called the Amphigon or 'Ambiguous Dog' a massive Bear/Dog combo type thing.
Then I drew the Timitherium Megahamiltonii, though obviously a different sample from the one George Drew.
Then we moved onto Theropod Dinosaurs. This is a Ceratorsaurus skull. You can see the bony ridges where the nasal horns would have attached.
I did a marker sketch of one birdlike dinosaur and one dinosaur like bird.
Then we finish off with the schoolboys favourite Tyrannosaurus Rex.
It was a great day , we should do it again sometime.


  1. Was that the Timtherium Megahamiltonium that they had in the hall of pre-human origins? 'Cause I don't believe in no cave-people. The big JC made me just the way I am, no changes, and Satan made monkeys to confuse and tempt the non-believers, lib'rals and hom'sexuals.

  2. I think the Timitherium was in fact a type of ground dwelling giant sloth. Quiet and unthreatening despite it's immense size, power and fine motor control.

  3. So THAT'S why we went to the museum!

    Jesus made me perfect too!!


  4. Field trips are so important to the children.

  5. I think we trampled a few of the children actually.

    Oh you mean us!??

  6. Is THAT what they were?! I like the scrunching noise they made before they....cough...sorry

  7. Haha I Love your drawing of Timitherium Megahamiltonii! I must have missed it in the museum. ;P