Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Tim!!

Tim always amazes me, I wonder if he is really human sometimes. I had a great time drawing for fun at the natural history museum with Tim, Simon, Becky and George the other day, we should do this more often! :)


  1. Thanks Robin!

    I guess it's time to let you on the secret everyone but you knows...

    I'm actually NOT human! buhahahahahhah!

  2. Hahaha! Robin this is great!

  3. I think it was pretty well-established through Simon and my drawings that Tim is at best some sort of proto-hominid and at the worst an extinct variety of megafauna. At no point has anyone ever accused him of being an actual human, at least not until you came around.

    I do like your Tim head, especially his purple hair, and your cave bear drawings are all kinds of awesome.

  4. Thanks! I should go back and look for the ancestors of Tim at the museum, I seem to have totally miss it... wait a minute, maybe he isn't from earth at all!!!!!!

  5. And you know what? Somehow I missed the Apatosaurus drawing, but great job! That thing was a beast to draw, and you got the whole body, plus a close up of a vertebra. You're my hero!