Friday, 1 April 2011

Tiny Ants!

Todays theme is Tiny Ants!
My favorite ant is the Fire Ant.
I love them so much I went and drew THREE of them.
I know. I'm always being a show off.

Some info:
Fire ants are known for their lively and aggressive behavior, swarming over anyone or anything that disturbs their nest, often attacking wild animals, baby animals, pets or people, in some instances, even killing them. Their painful stings affect about 40% of people in infested areas each year. Twenty million people a year are stung by fireants in the United States!

When these pesky critters invade an area, they do it with a vengeance. There will be enormous numbers of them which can dramatically reduce populations of native ants, other insects, and even ground-nesting wildlife. Watch out. They invade homes, school yards, athletic fields, golf courses, and parks. They will damage crops and electrical equipment, costing humans billions of dollars each year in repairs and eradication. Texas A&M University estimated the cost to the state of Texas alone was over $1 billion per year.


  1. Not your strongest, Tim. That's okay. If you keep practicing you'll get it.

  2. It occurs to me that they are probably a valuable and under-appreciated potential protein source. Not to mention that they taste like Jalapeno peppers.

    Nice drawing, I especially like the way you caught the light reflecting off the carapace of the one on the extreme left. It's almost moving...

  3. Is it just me, or are these actually termites? There's something a bit off about the carapace-- a little too transparent, you know?