Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Simonson's The Mighty Thor...

was the comic that made me want to draw comics.
I suggested the Mighty Thor as today's warm-up topic, partly because apparently there's a movie coming out (cough), but mainly because the omnibus of Walt Simonson's entire run came out today. I drew my version of Thor above with a nod to Mr Simonson's stellar version.

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  1. I thought for sure you were doing Beta Ray Bill!

    I got my glasses the day his fist issue came out.
    That was a double shock to my new visual upgrade.

  2. I was gonna do Beta Ray Bill, but I still have to ink that Fiffe drawing of him. I'm nervous to ink his pencils, and it kind of haunts me. So I Thor'd it.

  3. Yayyy, I'm not the geekiest Thor drawer today.

    Nice Hammer action