Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hera the Great Goddess

Today's topic is "Goddess", and when I think goddess, I totally think of Hera. She's my fave. The below drawing is how she appears as drawn by me in my graphic novel series Olympians. I'm beginning to become moderately excited for the imminent release of her book (volume 3 in the series) this July. It's my favorite thing I've written so far.

Me and some other drawbridgers were out all day today drawing old bones so I didn't have the opportunity to post until now. Better late than never, says I!


  1. Yes I can tell you are into her by the
    way you draw her so well!!

    You will note I got mine done this
    morning even though I went and drew bones all day too!

    Just saying....

  2. Bah! You disappeared all early, swept away in a tide of grade-schoolers. I was there until 5, and then I went to the Drink and Draw! I am Mighty!

  3. Very good. You should do a book about her...oh WAIT...!

  4. Coming out in July!

    Just keep plugging away...