Monday, 4 April 2011

Everybody wants a phone

I don't really get cell phones, despite begrudgingly owning one since I was...wait for it...14. But eventually it fell into one of the many technological concessions I've made to my generation.

Anyway I love fat entitled children!


  1. The title: Les Enfants Terribles popped into my mind. Which means FAT ENTITLED CHILDREN English. Lovely and the facial expression says a lot.

  2. Yeah, this is pretty cool. Nicely done, you whippersnapper.

  3. I like it that people now e-mail ahead before calling me, because it seems rude to just call and demand your time right that moment. That seems like civilisation to me.

    You have pinpointed a key differentiator between kids of this generation and the ones before. In the old days we would pretend to have a phone by sticking our pinkies and our thumbs out like a phone handset. Kids these days hold their palms to their ears.
    Nice drawing too.

  4. I miss the sound our family "rotary" phone made when I was 14. You couldn't call anyone in secret back then. Unless the house was empty of course.

    And you could crank call people because there was no *69! You tech kids are SO deprived!!!