Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lee Meriwether/ John James Audubon

I didn't get to post yesterday, so I combined yesterday's theme of "Happy Birthday John James Audubon" with today's theme of the apparently wildly inaccurate "Happy Birthday Lee Meriwether" (this is why you never, ever should let Tim Hamilton choose topics-- sucka doesn't even know what month it is).

I feel like the guy who just thinks he discovered fire when I say, wow, I never realized how hot Lee Meriwether was as Catwoman. Well, no $#!T, Sherlock, it's only something that the rest of the western world has known for over 40 years, but, whatever, I'm a slow learner. Anyway, I decided to draw a picture of Miss Meriwether as Catwoman, posing with a rare resplendent Quetzal, first painted by Mr JJ Audubon in September of... oh.

Bad kitty.

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  1. SEEE! Not so Eartha Kitt now O'Connor! I was going to say it was rare to see you passing up the chance to draw a sexy lady, but you didn't, so I won't. Meanwhile in Tim Hamilton's head it's gone GIRL opposed to just Crazy like normal.

  2. Let's be sure to do Eartha Kitt sometime when it's not actually even her birthday.

  3. Nice drawing!

    How come batman doesn't dance anymore?

  4. Natalie is the gate keeper this week. This was her test. Natalie fail...

  5. Oh and you captured her face which I did not.
    very good.

  6. It's a poor topic chooser who blames the messenger for his inability to recognize what freaking month it is.