Friday, 18 March 2011

Power Out! Nathan schreiber's late birthday

It's Nathan schreiber's late birthday post!

Before Nathan left Brooklyn to roam the American back roads hunting down
crack dealers and bringing in their severed right hands so he could collect the posted
50 dollar bounty, he roamed the New York streets as the hero know as
"The Cast!" A tragic accident involving a vacuum cleaner and under the
counter hoover attachments broke Nathans arm in six places, and bruised
his upper thigh. After that tragic twist of fate he began to hunt down rogue
robots in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn. Smashing their heads in with
his his power cast and trade mark cry of "POWER OUT!" Thus, he made Brooklyn
safe for older cartoonists.

In his spare time Nathan reads Doctor Who fan fiction (mostly involving the
teen companion Adric) and collects Judy Garland "Bear doodles."

Happy Birthday Nathan.
We salute you!