Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - Siren

I have to admit defeat on this one. This drawing has gone from Paulette Goddard to Ava Gardner and nowhere did it really get Liz Taylor just right. That Hollywood high glamour thing simplifies the face so much that you have a very tiny amount to work with. I couldn't really pin down the softness of Taylors face. Interestingly this drawing came out looking like an Andrew Loomis sketch.  Anyway, you live and learn.


  1. It's a fantastic rendering (and I think you totally got her fire) but fair to concede to her maker in capturing that face.

  2. It is hard to capture her likeness. I didn't fair any better myself. But you did do a good job getting the feel of it just right. You can tell she's in there.

  3. Looking at her this morning I realized what you did-- there's not much there to hang a likeness on-- Just some really really subtle subtleties. It's partially what made me decide to just focus on her most iconic attribute.

  4. Oh you captured her fine.
    If I were your mom I'd stick
    this on the fridge in
    a heartbeat!