Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ipad vs. Kindle

Last received communication from Private Ligan.

Day 129 of the Ipad Kindle conflict.
March 29th, 2189
I've been separated from my platoon for
7 days now and survived 5 separate Kindle attacks.
I sent 4 of them to their maker, but the 5th one
still hunts me night and day.
Low on food...and free books to read...
Wait...something coming my way....

End transmission


  1. Who knew that Kindles were horrible arachnoid killing machines? Certainly tips the balance in the favor of iPads.

    Also, this was totally not here when Simon posted. That'll learn you to be so slow.

  2. HA! Sexing it up here are you Hamilton? SHAMELESS..(cough)

    Cool drawing though, I like the idea.

  3. Who moved my post!
    I suspect a Fraser.

    Or the machines....

  4. Awesome as usual. Aaaaand not to be girly but I AM a girl...I dig her top.

  5. Jean dug it too.

    She's also a girl.