Thursday, 10 March 2011

Darna and her Arch-Enemy, Valentina

This is turning out to be half-naked lady week(or significantly more than half-naked) for me on the Drawbridge. I really didn't know much about Filipino Super-heroine Darna, so I had to google her. In an awful lot of the pictures that came she was standing next to an evil-looking Medusa lady. Further googling revealed the Medusa lady to be her arch-nemesis, Valentina, so I drew the two of them in mortal combat. Just can't resist drawing a snake-haired lady.


  1. Are you trying to imply that you feel bad or somehow guilty drawing (semi)naked ladies George?
    Because your obvious abilities in this area betrays a considerable amount of practice....just sayin'

  2. Guilty? Oh hell no. I'm officially on the record (I believe it's Facebook) saying that, if someone paid me, I'd do a whole book of naked ladies. Any takers?

  3. I feel no guilt in saying that I would pre-order that book.
    Helloooo Naked Lady Book Publisher!!! George has a pitch for you.

  4. This should be our new blog, "Guilt Free Nudity". It'll be swell.