Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First Slayer

I started watching Buffy as a kid, maybe around the third season, but my favorite episode was the one where she meets the first Slayer, which might be from the college/Dawn/whatever era. I remember watching it asking myself, why have a show about Buffy when you could have a show about BED OF BONES??


  1. Whoaa! That's great. I really liked that 'first slayer' character too. Lovely drawing.

  2. Niice drawing. I also like that you slipped in the "I started watching as a kid" line, knowing full well that most of us were well into, like, our 50's when the show came on. Well played.

  3. Yeah...hehe...started watching when you were a kid....heh...I was...younger too.

    I'm working on that comic for you to draw!

  4. Cool! I remember that characters. There were some mean old priest guys who made her the slayer or something. They were speaking Swahili, which was odd because it was all supposed to have happened before Swahili was invented ( it's relatively recent as far as languages go )

  5. Well if it makes you all feel any better, it's an awkward day when you're 11 and someone explains what "to sire" actually means!

    And I'd chalk up the Swahili to "it sounds African enough, if you take out all the Arabic".

    See you all soon!