Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"Firefly" Inara, Morena Baccarin

Today the theme is "Firefly!"
A favorite show to many including me.

I decided to draw the very cute rough and tough
ship mechanic Jewel Staite who...
Wait, I'm told this is NOT Jewel I drew.
I actually drew the very beautiful
Morena Baccarin who played the companion Inara Serra.

Sorry, I really didn't mean to draw another cheese cake
type sketch!! Damn! Stupid me!

If we do a Firefly day again I'll try to
do better.



  1. Hey! That's who I'm drawing ( well painting actually )
    If George is doing her too ( ooerr ) then this is going to be a bit embarrassing

  2. George will do a reaver. You can see that coming a mile away!

  3. Big ups - there's enough Morena Baccarin for more than three artists to handle.

  4. Awesome sketch Tim, can't wait to see how you do Kaylee!

  5. PS - the woman was born to play Wonder Woman a la Christopher Reeve and Supes.

  6. Not to pile on here, but I saw her at San Diego last year from about 30 yards away (walking by the WB booth), and she almost literally glowed with beauty. It was practically supernatural.

    But seriously, no one wants to draw Jayne? Mal?

  7. I actually was going to do Inara. Although I was actually thinking of doing a Reaver as well...

    Running around a bit today, so the suspense of what I'm drawing will have to continue until the afternoon.

  8. You can tell that Tim really, really likes this subject matter. Lovely drawing.

  9. Thanks for all the compliments on my art (and on the model).
    My brush was dying while I did this turned
    out less than what I envisioned. But that is another story.

    Simon must be working on a masterpiece as it's almost one PM and we haven't seen it yet!

  10. Her eyes are like Elizabeth Taylor eyes so she's hard to nail down.

    "George O'Connor" will agree.

  11. If by 'eyes' you mean 'boobs' Tim , I couldn't possibly say. I opted to stay classy.

  12. Why is my name in quotes? Are you doubting my identity?

  13. If you're George then answer this simple question...

    Name all Zeus' children to 12 decimal places!

  14. It's an internet thing, "George."

  15. George who drew "Elizabeth Taylor's Eyes."

  16. I do not understand you strange little people.