Friday, 25 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - A Day Late...

I'm not crazy about this drawing and wasn't going to post it but after all the wonderful birthday wishes I felt I should.

I remember hearing something about Elizabeth Taylor having stage fright. I tried to locate documentation on it but couldn't find anything on the internet. Perhaps I hallucinated that fact up.

Either way, Elizabeth Taylor performed in theatre so she DID have to make entrances. I imagined the moment before she stepped out on the stage.


  1. Wow, I love this. As ever you capture something essential very simply and clearly.

  2. Yeah, this is beautiful, cool moment, and you really feel the light. I don't like hearing that you finish drawings and then don't post them. Post 'em all, even if you think it's a stinker!

  3. That's the secret of George's whole career!

  4. Zing!

    Yes Natalie this picture tells a story.
    Post them.