Thursday, 17 March 2011

Will Ben McCool survive St. Patricks Day?

The book is open again ( 3rd year running ) on whether Ben McCool will survive St. Patricks Day! We're rootin' for ya big guy!


  1. Oh my.

    As a personal testament, which may or may not have its roots in the act Mr Fraser depicted him partaking in above, I've met Ben McCool on AT LEAST ten separate occasions (and probably a lot more), and the dude still has absolutely no idea who I am each time I run into him. It is a feat unparalleled in the industry (decorum prevents my naming the runner-ups).

  2. Ow!
    So we DON'T want to be mentioned on the Beat?

    Anyway, I have met Ben and he ALWAYS remembers me!

    There are any number of other cartoonists out there that I have met several times who forget me each time and "re-meet me." George is not alone in this phenomenon.

    Who drew this?

  3. I only met Ben once at a con when he was promoting Choker. I wouldn't expect him to remember me from that. Seems like a cool guy. And nice drawing Simon, he's immediately recognizable even after meeting him once.

  4. This is great, Simon. Since George commented on Ben's recognition of him, I have to say I have always been surprised at how Ben seemed to remember me from one occasion to the next. Even after the first time I met him Ben has greeted me with warm familiarity.
    In my experience, this is very rare. So much so that I usually automatically reintroduce myself to folks assuming they don't remember me.

  5. It's just George O'Connor obviously, he's got something against fake irishmen.

  6. When I first met Joe I thought he was "Comic Foundry's" Tim Leong.

    It was dark, we were drunk.

    Some days I'm still not sure Joe is actually Joe.