Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Space 1999 - Eagle Transporter

While Space 1999 was often not quite the sum of it's parts, it did have some very good parts. The Eagle Transport was and still is , one of the few really brilliant, functional spaceship designs. Unlike every other spaceship out there, which was designed to look like a derivative of an aeroplane, with nonsensical aerodynamics and streamlining, the Eagle looks like what it is, a whopping great SpaceTruck.
Brian Johnson , it's designer, was one of the key concept guys behind 2001, so had given the realities of living and working in space and low gravity a good deal of though. It shows.
 Since the advent of StarWars and Science-Fantasy , near future hard Sci-Fi has gotten short shrift , which I think is an enormous shame. The very hard and uncompromising challenges of real space exploration are much more compelling to me than zapping bug eyed monsters and half-arsed mysticism.
But 1999 was 12 years ago, so I guess I'm just old fashioned.


  1. You're just old. Nice job all around though, especially on the moon.

  2. Old but wise. Eagles are awesome.

    Also, I discovered today that I can't draw them.