Saturday, 19 March 2011


I didn't really add much of my own style to this, as the original design is so flawless. In my opinion, she's the greatest of the Disney villains. I know in some circles Sleeping Beauty is considered a flawed film: Its medieval-tapestry-inspired design is too stiff, it has boring leads, it's too dark (true fact- every shade of paint used in the film was mixed with some black), yadda yadda.

I have my own theory for the criticism against it-- Haters gotta hate.

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  1. You and George both inspire me. Crunk, too.

  2. Dude, this is hilarious. Slap a funny caption on it and you got yourself a po-tential internet meme here.

  3. Hard to see where this can go from here. A triumph of wasted energy Joe, well done.

  4. Coming from you, Simon. That means a lot.