Saturday, 19 March 2011

Happy Berfday Nathan! (one week late)

Or maybe we're just idiots? We here at the Bridge finally paid birthday tribute to Draw-Bridge exile Nathan "Power Out" Schreiber yesterday, almost a full week after the actual anniversary of his birth. All except for me, who was away yesterday, so here I am posting my birthday tribute to the Schreib a full-on week late. Yay me, I win!

For those unfamiliar with what I've drawn here, This is Russ, a clock-obsessed supporting character from Nathan's Xeric grant-winning Power Out Comic. The day after a massive power out knocks out all electricity on the East Coast, Russ, who looks forward all year to giving a speech about the role his hometown played in the invention of standardized time, posits a theory that since the power has stopped, perhaps all time has stopped as well. It's at this point during his speech that Nathan's sock-challenged lead Justin wakes up from having passed out.

It's too bad that a power outage doesn't really stop time, as at least then I'd have a better excuse for this late celebration of Nathan's special day. Well, if there had actually been a power outage, I might've. Guess I'm just an idiot.


  1. Well, it's a nice drawing and I'm sure Nathan REALLY likes it.

    Too bad there isn't a social media type internet thingy that helped us remember birthdays!

    Ben and Nathan are both plotting revenge this very moment...

  2. Abject! Shame , thy name is George.

  3. Too Cool!

    Thanks George, nice when people notice the little things like Russ:)

  4. Russ is a big thing!

    Sorry for the tardiness, but given the time theme, I hope it was somehow appropriate