Thursday, 10 March 2011

Darna - Ding, ang bato!

I love finding out about foreign pop culture, especially stuff that is wildly popular in it's country of origin and completely unknown to my narrow western anglophone POV. So I was very happy to find out about Darna from this affectionate tribute Darna Lives!
Also I'm using DrawBridge to force me to work faster and learn new shortcuts, this pic took 1 hour to draw and colour, which I'm quite happy with.


  1. You kept the stars in control!
    under an hour eh? We'll have to have a contest in studio...

  2. That's actually an awesome idea for a topic one day-- just a time limit, be it 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour. Maybe progressive time topics for a whole week!

    Nice drawing, but the lens flare makes it look like her boobs are thinking.

  3. One hour ?! That's impressive, what is your software of choice here ? PS, AI or Painter ? NIce work regardless Is their (whoever they are) version of Wonder Woman ? Looks alot like her.

  4. Marty/ Pen & Ink the the quickest dirtiest Photoshopping I can manage. It helps to think in terms of easily selectable closed areas.

    Darna is more like Shazam than Wonder Woman. Originally she was a little girl who said the word and became a grownup superhero. Though the implications of a child's mind in that body/costume combo are a bit uncomfortable.