Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The original Karate Kid

No, I'm not talking about Ralph Macchio here (although he is todays' warm-up topic).

I'll swoop your leg, sucka!

Created in 1966 by a then-13-year-old Jim Shooter for the Legion of Superheroes, Val Armorr of Earth is a master of every form of martial art that will be invented by the 31st century. In his initial appearance, he convinces the Legion of Superheroes to allow him onto their team when he uses his "super-karate" to beat up on Superboy. Despite that impressive feat, he's pretty far from my favorite member of the Legion, and I think he unofficially holds the record of having been killed off the most times. Some writers (Keith Giffen) just hate this guy.

Although the movie character has almost nothing to do with Val here, if you watch there is a prominent credit thanking DC comics for the use of their character's name. So now you know.


  1. So when we do the Legion you're going to have to draw Matter Eater Lad now ain'tcha!

    Why is it snowing?

  2. It's snowing because Polar Boy is totally attacking him, yeah.

    If we ever do a Legion day, rest assured I will definitely be drawing Matter Eater Lad. He's my favorite Legionnaire.

  3. Triplicate Girl for me.......hurrrr

  4. I thought I was the only one geeky enough to know
    about that little bit in the credits!

    I almost wrote about it my post.
    But knew you would do it for me.

    IN the 31st century you still need someone who can break cinder blocks in half with his bare hands!

  5. Oh, I thought it was snowing because it is going to snow tomorrow, and he is ready. This is pretty cool, George. :D

  6. well, it's official-- the scatter brush function on Photoshop does not produce passable star fields, but is excellent for depicting flurries.

  7. Howdy! New here and I glad to find out about this other "Karate Kid". I wonder if he had a side kick named "Mr. Miyagi" ;) anyways, cool site :)

  8. Thanks Alecho! No sidekick named Miyagi that I'm aware of, but in a team called the Legion of Superheroes, there's a lot of room for heretofore unseen characters.