Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Space 1999

I loved the theme music.
We all love Martin Landau.
And Barbara Bain too!

Was it a good show?
If you were 9-10 years old, yes!


  1. Pretty stuff, I like the coloring. Too bad I missed this whole thing.

  2. Thanks.

    Yes, you probably wasted your time playing out in the fresh air not watching this!

  3. I probably wasted my time being two years old instead of watching this.

  4. It would've expanded your two-year old headspace to ooh, ten year old appreciation of huge explosions.

    Love the cuddly Eagle, Tim - it's sort of blimpy. Landau's great - I loved those space guns! I'd love to see you draw a whole comic with a character who looks like Landau in it.